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Howard J. Morgan

EthicalCoach Aug 15, 2018

As an executive coach, Howard Morgan has led major organizational change initiatives in partnership with senior executives across all levels and industries. He was named as one of the 50 top coaches globally, has been recognized as one of five coaches with “a proven track record of success” and has published several books.  His profound understanding of executive leadership comes from 17 years as a line executive and executive vice president in a range of industries. His success speaks to his ability to communicate the significance of people and performance issues in the context of business objectives.

Howard has worked with over 1,000 CEOs and executive team members from more than 50 countries covering a diverse industry base including chemical, information technology, financial services, media, retail and real estate.  His work with these teams and individuals has become focused in recent years on two main practice areas.

  •    His number one priority is helping senior leaders improve corporate and executive performance through maximizing their leadership potential within diverse international teams and groups.
  •    Secondarily, he coaches senior executives to transition more effectively to new organizations/roles with maximum impact and minimum disruption.  

Howard has worked with more than 60 global executive teams of which 22 are located outside of the US. Two corporations for which he has done extensive work in Japan are Bank of Tokyo and American Express.

The dramatic impact of Howard’s approach is drawn from his ability to communicate the significance of people and performance issues in the context of business objectives.  He has been a pioneer in the practical understanding of how motivation, productivity and behavior are linked to organizational values, leadership approaches and employee satisfaction.

Howard has also done significant work on measuring the impact of leaders on long-term profitability and growth while helping them understand that the nuances of people management are a major influence on corporate success, and how they can increase their effectiveness in that area in practical ways.


Corporate Experience

During his distinguished career, Howard has:

  •    Operated major businesses with full P&L responsibility
  •    Managed the people side of mergers and acquisitions
  •    Led international expansions and start-ups
  •    Gained the respect of unions and corporations when negotiating agreements in volatile labor environments.

He knows what it means to structure an organization, lead people and manage a business to exceed quarterly objectives. This practical background, along with an understanding of the politics of leadership and the competitive pressures of today’s global marketplace, is reflected in the roll-up-your-sleeves coaching style he utilizes with executives.

Howard is one of the founders of HRM Possibilities (with Marshall Goldsmith and Ron Campbell) and a Founding Partner of the 50 Top Coaches organization.

He specializes in executive coaching as a strategic leadership and change management tool leading to improved customer and employee satisfaction and overall corporate performance.

Howard holds an MBA from Simon Fraser University and has completed advanced studies at the University of Michigan. He currently serves on the board of directors of three organizations located in the US and Europe.