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Veronica Wantenaar

EthicalCoach Aug 15, 2018

Veronica is an organisational and individual change facilitator, consultant and coach. She is an ICF PCC and coach mentor as well as a COMENSA (Coaching and Mentoring South Africa) Senior Practitioner and Registered Supervisor. With over 35 years of experience, she has worked with non-profit organisations involved in early childhood development through to aged seniors programmes, international conservation, education, emerging entrepreneurs and social outreach. She believes in taking coaching to areas that were previously unable to access it, so helping to build a more equal society for the future.

Veronica has over 35 years of experience in business consulting and change management in the UK, Europe and across Africa, working in diverse industries such as government, financial services, retail, education, healthcare and community /NGO.

She added coaching to the mix over 10 years ago as she could see that many individuals and organisations struggled with change and needed the additional support that coaching brings. Having run her own businesses, she could understand the many requirements and challenges that leaders face.

This was reflected in her choice of the name Chameleon Skills for her consulting, facilitating and coaching practice. The Chameleon has the ability to adapt to changing situations and circumstances in order to thrive and make itself comfortable in its surrounds. Even though it may change its external appearance, it is always a Chameleon!  

Her experience has led her to believe that as individuals we have many roles to play in our lives, both personal and professional, and we want to be the best version of ourselves in all of them, whilst staying true to our values.  That insight underpins all of Veronica’s work with her clients, assisting them to adapt to their changing world while retaining their integrity.

Veronica trained as an Integral Coach where the focus is on the individual and how they are in relationship to others and to the systems of which they are part, both personally and professionally. As John Donne said: “No man is an island entire of itself.”  Even when working with individuals, there is always the connection to others and to the organisation so that individual development and growth can benefit the organisation as well.

Since her relocation in 1995 to South Africa with her husband and family, Veronica has been committed to finding ways to support the growth of her adopted country. She has traveled to many African countries and worked in some. Most recently, she’s been working in Liberia where she is still coaching the Country Director of a conservation organisation.  

Whilst maintaining her organisational consulting and coaching practice, Veronica has also been devoting time and energy over the last ten years to working with non-profit organisations and communities to enable them to engage more effectively and strategically with their work and stakeholders.

Veronica has facilitated focus groups, community building events and training programmes for a variety of individuals and organisations that include teachers, emerging entrepreneurs, youths, health workers and professional organisations.  She is committed to the transfer of skills and knowledge and sees this as a two-way process. Currently, she is working on a community project to assist in identifying the causes of social unrest and creating solutions that can bring together both business and government.

Veronica appreciates the passion and commitment that is required to drive non-profit organisations. She sees her role as supporting the leaders and their teams to underpin this purpose with sound and sustainable business practices. This means taking an integrated approach to the organisation in a similar way to that of working with an individual.  There needs to be vision and strategy underpinned by sound business practices, strong leadership and the creation of a culture of relationships, teamwork, values and behaviours.

Veronica ensures that through collaborative processes, changes or solutions will be practical and relevant. There will be clearly stated organisational and individual objectives agreed with the client and the implementation of a practical programme of coaching and review.

Veronica is looking forward to finding ways of sharing her learnings and experience in Ethiopia and continuing to grow her own knowledge of the continent, its diverse people and how we can all benefit from collaborating together.