Lucy Shenouda

Internationally Experienced Strategist

Living and working across three continents and among diverse cultures, lived experiences continue to cultivate a deep curiousity for the unknown and inner courage to explore. The desire to explore with curiousity and courage emerges from a core belief:

“More often than not, life is simpler than we make it out to be.”

Emergent from this belief is a working philosophy and mission:

“To foster essential conversations that disrupt workplace complacency. Getting to the heart of what really matters.”

Where there is conflict, let’s cultivate space for voices to be heard, for creativity and innovation to emerge organically and systemically.

Where there is misalignment, let’s listen and receive to share observations and perspectives to cultivate a multiple stakeholder approach connected with shared purpose.

Where there is chaos, let’s slow down the frenzy to connect to our inherent capacity for resilience and focus on what’s most important for growth and progress.

Re-imagine business to discern clarity where there’s uncertainty, to glean purpose where there are gaps, and to make the best of the unexpected. You’ll find resilience and agility in our work together.

Let’s together foster the essential conversations leading to shared purpose and future foresight.