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Carla Hamby

Nadja Anne Jul 21, 2021

I have been passionate about personal growth and development for as long as I can remember. It was in my early years of high school, when I took my first Psychology class, that I realized I could parlay this interest into a career. Then at university, when I discovered there was a whole field of applying it inside of organizations. And then early in my career in talent management, when the term “life coaching” caught my ears and I knew that it was a critical piece for me to further develop my skills and live closer to some of the values that matter most to me – deep relationship, authenticity and aliveness, healthy and productive communication, and personal and emotional wellness. My career development path and my personal growth path are like a figure-8 … they inform each other, they feed off each other, each strengthens the other. While I have enjoyed working in many different areas of talent management, my favorite arena continues to be supporting the growth and development of seekers. This is how I have stayed in alignment with my purpose – to inspire real and sustainable transformation that promotes positive change on the planet.